AAM - Automatic Acoustic Management
ADC - ATA Disk on Chip
AIT - Advanced Intelligent Tape
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
APM - Advanced Power Management
ASCII - American Standard Code of Information Interchange
ASPI - Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
ASR - Alternate Status Register
ATA - Advanced Technology Attachment
ATAPI - AT Attachment Packet Interface
ATOMM - Advanced super Thin layer and high Output Metal Media
BIOS - Basic Input Output System
BOD - Beginning of Data
BOM - Beginning of Media
BPB - BIOS Parameter Block
BRM - Backup Resource Management
BS - Boot Sector
BSM - Bad Sector Mapping
CAM - Common Access Method
CBR - Control Block Registers
CCS - Common Command Set
CD - Compact Disc
CDN - Content Delivery Network
CHR - Cylinder High Register
CHS - Cylinder/Head/Sector
CLR - Cylinder Low Register
CMOS - Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Code
CS - Cable Select
DAFS - Direct Access File System
DAR - Drive Address Register
DAS - Directly Attached Storage
DAT - Digital Audio Tape
DBCD - Device Based Cable Detection
DBH - Data Bus High
DCR - Device Control Register
DDP - Disk-based Data Protection
DDR - Double Data Rate
DIMM - Dual In-line Memory Module
DMA - Direct Memory Access
DOS - Disk Operating System
DS - Data System
DVD - Digital Versatile Disc
ECC - Error Correction Codes
EEPROM - Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EIDE - Enhanced IDE
EOD - End Of Data
EOF - End Of File
EOM - End Of Media
ESDI - Enhanced Small Device Interface
FAS - Fabric Attached Storage
FAT - File Allocation Table
FCI - Flux Changes per Inch
FCIP - Fibre Channel over IP
FEMMA - Foldable Electronic Memory Module Assembly
FICON - FIber optic CONnection
FIFO - First In First Out
FSBR - File System Boot Record
FSC - File System Code
GBIC - GigaBit Interface Converter
GEL - Grown Error List
GFS - General Feature Set
HAMR - Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording
HBA - Host Bus Adapter
HBCD - Host Based Cable Detection
HC - Head Crush
HLF - High Level Format
HPFS - High Performance File System
HSM - Hierarchical Storage Management
IAA - Intel Application Accelerator
IBL - Initial Boot Loader
ICSC - Interconnect Software Consortium
IDE - Integrated Drive Electronics
ILF - Inter Leave Factor
ISA - Industry Standard Architecture
ISEC - Ibas Secure Erasure Concept
JBOD - Just a Box Of Disks
JEDEC - Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council
LBA - Logical Block Addressing
LLF - Low Level Format
LTO - Linear Tape-Open
LVD - Low Voltage Differential
MBL - Master Boot Loader
MBR - Master Boot Record
MFM - Modified Frequency Modulation
MMC - MultiMediaCard
MRAM - Magnetic Random Access Memory
MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure
NAS - Network Attached Storage
NCITS - National Commitee for Information Technology Standards
NIC - Network Interface Card
NTFS - NT File System
NUS - Network Unified Storage
PACS - Picture Archiving and Communication Systems
PCFS - Packet Command Feature Set
PIO - Programmed Input/Output
PMFS - Power Management Feature Set
PRML - Partial Response Maximum Likelihood
PSRAM - Pseudo Static RAM
PT - Partition Table
QBM - Quad Band Memory
RAID - Redundant Array of Independent Disks
RLDRAM - Reduced Latency DRAM
RLL - Run Length Limited
RPM - Rotations Per Minute
SAIT - Sony's Advanced Intelligent Tape
SASI - Shugort Associates Computer Interface
SAM - Storage Area Management
SAN - Storage Area Network
SBOD - Switched Bunch Of Disks
SCA - Single Connector Attachement
SCR - Sector Count Register
SCSI - Small Computer System Interface
SFP - Small Form-factor Pluggable
SGNP - Secure Grid Naming Protocol
SMART - Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
SNIA - Storage Networking Industry Association
SNR - Sector Number Register
SODIMM - Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module
SPARC - Scalable Processor ARChitecture
SPC - Storage Performance Council
SRM - Storage Resource Management
SSD - Solid State Disk
SSF - Supported Solutions Forum
SSP - Storage Service Provider
STR - Sequential Transfer Rates
UDF - Universal Data Format
UDMA - Ultra DMA
UDO - Ultra Density Optical
USB - Universal Serial Bus
VIA - Virtual Interface Architecture